Can this product cause the skin to peeling and leave red marks?
Not at all. AQU product does not contain substances that can cause peeling of the skin. AQU product is free from the danger of HYDROQUINON.

I am interested to try AQU products. Where can I get it?
You can purchase AQU products from our authorized agents. Please click on the Agents link for more information.

Can I use other skincare brand with AQU product?
You are encouraged to use the full set of AQU skincare product for an effective result. This is because each AQU product is interlinked to your beauty routine. A full set is only RM 132.90.

I am 40 years old with a dull skin and fine lines on the face. Which AQU product is suitable for my skin?
AQU Radiant Moisturizer can help you. You can see the changes in the skin as early as one (1) week of consistent application. Usage of AQU Face Wash and AQU Face Scrub will maximise the result.

I have oily skin in the T zone. When I use sunblock, my skin will look very shiny, especially when I sweat. Can AQU products help me?
You are advised to buy a complete set of AQU. Consistent application of the complete set; Facial Cleanser, Toner, Radiant Moisturizer, Scrub and Cream CC will help to overcome your problems.